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“Minding the stars of tomorrow, today”

About Us

Chaperones 4 Kidz provide an exemplary, fully-managed chaperone service. Leaving you free to focus on your production.


We supply chaperones (L.A.R.C.S.S) tutors, HRCD's (Head of Regulatory Compliance Department). We provide children’s administration, creating bespoke packages for productions working with children from pre-prep (Casting, UK and International licensing and liaising with parents etc) through to final wrap.


We have extensive experience in TV, Film and Theatre including all aspects of the entertainment industry. 


Our Team

Our chaperones (L.A.R.C.S.S) tutors and HRCD's (Head of Regulatory Compliance Department) are fully-licensed with an enhanced DBS certificate. We endeavour for all to have the NSPCC ‘Protecting Children in Entertainment’ training and to have also achieved the Practical Accredited Regulations Training (PART) a City and Guilds Accredited Programme for working with children in the entertainment industry.


We take pride in match the right chaperone/tutor with the right child/job. All of our chaperones/tutors are known to us personally and are chosen because of their caring natures, professionalism and attention to detail.

Pre Prep through
to Final Wrap"

Why Choose Us

  • City & Guilds P.A.R.T accredited chaperones (L.A.R.C.S.S) and tutors.

  • COVID 19 regulated and CPD trained chaperones (L.A.R.C.S.S) and tutors.

  • Cat pak to fulfil all regulatory compliance needed for LEA inspection and all Safeguarding supplied and maintained - GDPR compliant.

  • Chaperones/Tutors contracted and supplied with public liability insurance.

  • One invoice to production.

  • Holidays and sickness covered at any notice.

  • Head of Regulatory Compliance Department (HRCD) meaning risks assessments are provided and issues can be dealt with without affecting the daily duty of care of the child/children.

  • Competitive rates.

  • Main cast and SA (L.A.R.C.S.S).

  • Travel chaperones (L.A.R.C.S.S).

  • Overnight chaperones (L.A.R.C.S.S).

  • Baby wranglers and chaperones (L.A.R.C.S.S) that specialise in ‘Sen’ Children

  • Young adult chaperones (16-18).

  • Tutor log managed.

  • We can supply UK and International licences.


Contact Us

Phone: 07814 370554

Email: Admin@Chaperones4kidz.co.uk

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